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A number of new accessories from Attack Squadron will be released following days. From PZL P.7a and PZL 23/42  to  F-14, F-16, and Harrier. Check them out now!

akcesoria do karasia 1/72 z ibg akcesoria do pzl 42 z ibg akcesoria attack squadron do pzl p.7a

Accesories for PZL model kits

In June were released two excellent PZL aircraft model kits 1/72 scale. The first week of June IBG released PZL 23A Karaś and PZL 42. In 23rd June it was a great premiere of PZL P.7a from Arma Hobby. It was impossible to resist modelers demand for accessories sets from Attack Squadron.

ASQ72134     PZL P.7a Resin Wheels Dunlop

PZL P.7a Resin Wheels Stomil

ASQ72136     PZL P.7a Propeller

See models and accessories  PZL P.6, P.7 and  P.7a

koła do karasia ibg żywiczne koła pzl 23 karaś 1/72

ASQ72138     PZL 23/42 Karaś Wheels

śmigło do karasia ibg - poprawka

ASQ72139     PZL 23/42 Karaś Propeller

Check out accessories for PZL 23/42

Accessories for F-14 Tomcat model kits

We could not resist temptation and Attack Squadron started accessories line for F-14 Tomcat model kits. That powerful US Navy fighter jet proved her quality as bomber aircraft. So fits well in Attack Squadron…

Here are first sets 1/72 scale:

koła do F-14 D tomcat 1/72 żywiczne kola do F-14D 1/72

ASQ72140     F-14D Tomcat Wheels set

pletwy podsilnikowe do f-14 ventral fins for f-14

ASQ72141     F-14A/B/D Ventral Fins

See accessories for F-14

More F-16 accessories from Attack Squadron

Another Polish-US subject – late F-16 resin wheels perfect for Polish Greek F-16 C/D block 52+.

żywiczne koła do f-16 resin wheels for f-16 late

ASQ72142     F-16 C/D Block 40 and later Wheel set

ASQ48074     1/48 F-16 C/D Block 40 and later Wheel set

See all sets for F-16

What’s new for Aaugust 2017?

We had to move K-Max helicopter kit release to August. A release was planned for July, but we will not receive decals and photoetched parts on time.  Wait more K-Max news soon!

Early August will be released next AV-8B Harrier GR 5/7/9 accessories

akcesoriaq do harriera hasegawa 1/72 harrier wheels and underacrriage details for Hasegawa

ASQ72126     AV-8B Harrier Wheels for Hasegawa

kabina pilota harriera 1/72 hase harrier cockpit 1/72 for hasegawa

ASQ72132     AV-8B Cockpit Upgrade PE

Check out accessoriesfor AV-8B Harrier GR 5/7/9

Two-stage resin engine necalles for Mosquito Tamiya 1/48 scale are also planned for August.

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