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F / A-18 E / F Super Hornet is currently the primary carrier borne combat aircraft of the US Navy. Hot Topic simply requires a series of accessories to upgrade available plastic models kit. See what kind of accessories for the F/A-18 E/F prepared Attack Squadron!

Engine nozzles for F/A 18 E/F Super Hornet 1/72

Attack Squadron released resin engine nozzles for the Super Hornet. 1/72 scale resin kits are dedicated for Revell and Hasegawa models. Revell model kit includes two of each three separate parts: the engine fan blades with afterburner, the outlet channel and nozzles with fine flaps.

  • 72111  F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet engine nozzles for Revell

Set for Hasegawa is simpler and nozzles design is adapted to the parts of the model.

  • 72112  F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet engine nozzles for Hasegawa

Super Hornet 1/72 resin wheels

Resin wheels for F/A 18 E/F Super Hornet 1/72 are designed as weighted. Each of the wheels has been done in a different arrangement of tire (rotation) to add realism. In addition to the delicate detail of the wheel rim are also faithfully recreated set of inscriptions and other markings on tire.

  • 72110  F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet Wheels

Tactical Airborne Tanker set 1/72

Because of the unification of aviation equipment aboard the US Navy Carries, the F/A-18s are deployed also in other than fighter/attack combat missions. One of them is the aerial refueling. Set of the airborne tanker comprises a four fuel tank, and a fifth. “Buddy Pack” with a rolled-up probe for aerial refueling.

  • 72113  F/A-18 E/F USN Tactical Airborne Tanker set

Kits for F/A-18 E/F and other versions of the Hornet can be purchased in Arma Hobby. See the list of products dedicated to the F/A-18.


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