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In Arma Hobby shop started preorders for new accessories sets for C-130 Hercules. Available are dropped flaps 1/72 scale and two new 1/48 scale: Refueling Pod and Harvest Hawk upgrade. Last but not least are US WW2 bombs and engine nozzles for MiG-29. See them all now!

New sets for C-130 Hercules

Set of resin flaps for C-130 Hercules 1/72 scale contains not only flaps, but also internal wing structure visible when flaps are dropped. Simple set easily gives your C-130 superdetailed look.



Refueling Pod Set 1/48 scale for KC-130 contains  two pods with retracted refueling pipe.

Harvest Hawk Update set makes  KC-130J from US Marines an attack platform. During long level tanker duty aircraft may search and destroy guerilla targets in area. Observation head, sensors, one refuelling pod and one pylon with four Hellfires are included in set.

See all Lockheed C-130 Hercules accessories sets from Attack Squadron here.

Bombs and Engines

Next new sets are US Armored Piercing bombs WW2. Deployed from TBF/TBM Avenger and SB2C Helldiver on Pacyfic Theatre were also used by British  Barracuda Mk II bombers against  Tirpitza German Battleship anchored in Norway .

News are completed with Mig-29 engine nozzles set (Italeri 1/72).

Preorders of New Sets

New sets are available for preorder in Arma Hobby model shop at now. Dispatch of preorders is planned before end of August 2016.

1/48 KC-130 J refueling pod 2 pcs.
ASQ48051 1/48 KC-130 J refueling pod 2 pcs. €11.00 * Add to shopping cart
1/48 KC-130J Harvest Hawk update set
ASQ48052 1/48 KC-130J Harvest Hawk update set €15.00 * Add to shopping cart
AN MK-1 AP US Bomb 1600lb 2pcs.
ASQ48032 AN MK-1 AP US Bomb 1600lb 2pcs. €7.00 * Add to shopping cart
AN-Mk 33 AP US Bomb 1000lb 2pcs.
ASQ48031 AN-Mk 33 AP US Bomb 1000lb 2pcs. €7.00 * Add to shopping cart
C-130 resin flaps set
ASQ72089 C-130 resin flaps set €15.00 * Add to shopping cart
MiG-29 Engine nozzles set for Italeri
ASQ72099 MiG-29 Engine nozzles set for Italeri €7.00 * Add to shopping cart

*Prices in table are valid for preorders and may be changed in future

13 thoughts on “New accessories August 2016

  1. ulises velez says:


    1. We try to have. Thank you for comment.

    2. Peter G Stevens says:

      Hi, I have a suggestion for a resin conversion kit for the 1/72 Sunderland kits to produce the MkV variant. Required are engines, nacelles, propellers and fish tail exhausts plus two under wing ASV radar nacelles.

      1. Thank you for suggestion. Can you provide references? We may think about this set.

  2. Dimosthenis Chouliaras says:

    Would you consider a flaps set for the C-130 in 1/48th also? Thanks!

    1. Yes, it is planned. Hard to tell when, but for sure we will release 1/48 flaps.

  3. Armando Soares says:

    Great job on the MiG-29 PTB 1500 Fuel Tank for Italeri /1/72)! Nice resin casting, free of bubbles, delicate engraving and spot-on on the available data (at least to me: the drawings published by 4+ and Zlinek…..). My only comment is the lack on the instructions page of a more precise location for the placement of the tank. Thanks!

    1. Puskal says:

      Front pylon is just behind front wheel bay. Here is photo for reference:

  4. Pat Rogoski says:

    What kind of clean up do you recommend on these flaps? or is none needed? I just picked up a set and they are amazing parts.

    1. Pat Rogoski says:

      Also the wheels for the C-130.

      1. Please cut brakes out of casting block and glue to wheel hub. Weels should be just cut out and glued to wheel legs.

    2. Please cut out casting block and fit to wing.

  5. Robert Norton says:

    Hello from the good old USA
    I was wondering if you guys make a howitzer to fit into the Italeri 1/48 Herc Gunship. I’ve searched the world but alas…
    Any intelligence at all is helpful.
    Take care,
    Robert Norton

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