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Piotr Dmitruk has built H-13S from Italeri with drukowaną 3D kratownicą from Attack Squadron. Model  1/72 scale is very impressive. See how using Attack Squadron accessories an old kit turns to miniature replica with plenty of detail.

Model of small helicopter

Building a replica of early aviation subject is usually struggle with some very fragile structure. It is hard to make it realistic, with details exactly in scale.


Model from Italeri  1/72

Model from Italeri was in my stash waiting long time to complete. When  3D printed tailboom became available I decided to return to started project. 3D print from Attack Squadron really improves what we find in box. Price of set is  high, but it is avalable to dedicated modeler. Parta photoetched parts were used to further improvement of the kit.

IMG_0613_zpsxlxdczhe IMG_0615_zps1rzah5tf

Problem with building plastic kit of H-13 is assembly and aligment of tail boom as well as clean up of thick parts. Attack Squadron set is great relief for such problems. It is durable enough to handle in assembly, but more fragile than plastic or resin. Careless modeler can break it. It glues easily with small drop of superglue..


Using magnifier you can see printing layers, but very small. There is no necessary to polish them, they are almost invisible for naked eye. Manufacturer mentioned about clean up parts from supporting wax residues. I did not seen any of them. Anyway parts were washed with white spirit and brush for sure. Test fits gone well so assembly was started.


Most visible feature of helicopter is glass bulb over cockpit. It was nice in kit, but I decided to vacuform my wn.

Assemblyof H-13 model with 3D tail boom

Assembly was almost straightforward. Two problems appeared. Tail propeller shaft is slightly to low, what causes assembly problems with fuel pipes. It would be solved with slightly lowering engine. If the shaft was be made separately, it would be easier to work, especially when it is hard tom paint.

IMG_0684_zpsrcravmnt IMG_0685_zpsaatfcf8s IMG_0686_zps2kv9nmwd IMG_0687_zps6adco4re

Second problem is with parts No 36 and 37, the “piramide” above engine. Kit parts are awful thick and do not fit well. Maybe it would be better to have them made from 3d print?


Photos of build Bell 47 H-13S Sioux model 1/72

IMG_0923_zps8weeae6q IMG_0926_zpsvvyzgvx1 IMG_0927_zpsjcekc8y9 IMG_0928_zpsfsci5fkw IMG_0929_zpsrxh4urh9 IMG_0930_zpsavrs4lsw IMG_0931_zpsppib1ono IMG_0932_zpsrmlwgtzi IMG_0935_zps5cipwwfs IMG_0936_zpsgfycophu IMG_0937_zpsgbescp82 IMG_0938_zps6woscpp0 IMG_0939_zpsnzfpkuwp IMG_0940_zpsngvx50xy

4 thoughts on “Bell 47 H-13S model + 3D Attack Squadron tail boom

  1. Ian White (Wrangler) says:

    Hi I have just been looking at your 1/72 model of my most favorite helicopter thank you. Do you know whether there is a 1/144 scale model of this aircraft available and if there is where do I buy it from please. At a scale of 1/144 I can buy and collect more of my favorite models just my choice of size.

  2. Jennings says:

    Any plans to do the 3D printed Bell 47 boom in 1/48 or 1/35?? It looks fantastic, and in the larger scales it would be even more amazing!

    1. It would be possible, we are checking market for bigger sets.

  3. Maarten Schönfeld says:

    Is the 1/72 tailboom as shown above still available somewhere? Please name of shop or whatever. Thanks!

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