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New releases from Attack Squadron forbeginning of Septemeber 2015 are three accessories sets 1/48. Popular sets 1/72 scale are released in bigger 1/48 scale now. See them all!

1/48 RATO for A-4 Skyhawk 2 pcst

Rato for 1/48 Skyhawk

Set of Rocket Assisted Take Off (RATO) for A-4 Skyhawk model kits. Excellent for detailing your Vietnam War A-4 Scooter from Marines. RATO were attached to three hard points on Aerodynamic brakes for enhance take off capability from airfields in war zone. Set contains two RATO to fit one A-4 Skyhawk kit 1/48 from any manufacturer.

ASQ48017 1/48 RATO for A-4 Skyhawk 2 szt.

1/48 C-130J Hercules sponsons correction for Italeri kit

Sponsons for 1/48 c-130

Correction set for C-130 J 1/48 scale model kit from Italeri. Set corrects wrong length of undercarriage sponsons in Italeri Hercules kit. Thanks to 3D design and perfect casting your C-130 gets authentic look of that famous aircraft!

ASQ48039 1/48 C-130J sponson correction for Italeri

1/48 USN 150 gal Douglas Fuel Tanks 2 pcs

Skyhawk 150 gal tank

Set of fuel tanks Douglas 150 us gal 1/48 scale, with optional tail section. Resin set for any A-4A/B Skyhawk (usually two tanks under wing). Resomended for TF-9J Cougar from Kittyhawk 1/48 scale model kit. Also recommended for Top Gun A-4E/F Skyhawk – one tank centerline, without tail section.

ASQ48038 1/48 USN 150 gal Douglas Fuel Tank 2 szt.


7 thoughts on “More 1/48 Attack Squadron accessories

  1. Harold Osburn says:

    Can you please upsize your KC-130 refueling pods from 1/72 to 1/48.

    1. Yes, we will for sure.

      1. Richard Prokopchuk says:

        In doing an upsizing of these, why not make a whole conversion set of C-130 to KC-130? That would make a wonderful conversion kit.

  2. Stefan Zimberoff says:

    I would like the 1/48 scale KC130 refueling tanks.

  3. Wayne Hill says:

    Are you going to manufacture KC-130 refueling pods in 1/48 scale?

  4. Des Markham says:

    Hi can you please let me know when the next production of the 48th scale flaps will come out for the Hercules tried using flight paths model but didn’t come out right. Thanks in advance. Des

  5. Des Markham says:

    Whilst I am at it can you please let me know if you plan to come out with anything to enhance the 48th scale Hercules scissor nose would be ideal. Thank you

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