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Attack Squadron prepares a huge number of new sets for early July. Prepared are new modern weapons sets 1/72 and 1/48 as well as Spitfire accessories 1/72. So let’s see all forthcomiong new releases now.

Modern aircraft weapons

JSOW 1/72

ASQ72045     AGM-154 JSOW A glide bomb 2 pcs.

JSOW missile bomb

ASQ72046     AGM-154 JSOW C glide bomb 2 pcs.

hellfire 1/72

ASQ72049     AGM-114 Hellfire w/launch rails 8 pcs.

SLAM-ER 1/72

ASQ72051     AGM-84 SLAM-ER cruise missile 2 pcs.

Harvest Hawk

ASQ72065     KC-130J Harvest Hawk update

JSOW 1/48

ASQ48018     AGM-154 JSOW A glide bomb 2 pcs.

JSOW bomb 1/48

ASQ48019     AGM-154 JSOW C glide bomb 2 pcs.

SLAM-ER 1/48 scale set

ASQ48024     AGM-84 SLAM-ER cruise missile 2 pcs

My favorite from this series is Harvest Hawk – KC-130 update with surveillance equipment and hellfire missiles. It makes tanker aircraft from USMC a deadly platform to engage Taliban guerillas from above. JSOW and SLAM-ER are also very interesting making your F-18 look much more deadly. JSOW is used on F-16; F-15E; B-1 and B-52 too.

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Accessories for Spitfire 1/72 scale

Spitfire 3-spoke wheels 1/72

ASQ72069     Spitfire 3-spoke wheels set (6)

4-spoke wheels spitfire 1/72

ASQ72070     Spitfire 4-spoke wheels set (6)

5-spoke spitfire wheels 1/72 model kit

ASQ72071     Spitfire 5-spoke wheels set (6)

spitfire pru camera set 1/72

ASQ72072     Spitfire PRU X/XI/XIX Camera set

spitfire IX elevator and rudder set 1/72

ASQ72073     Spitfire rudder & elevator late Merlin variants

Spitfire IX rotol propeller and spinner 1/72

ASQ72074     Spitfire 4-blade Rotol propeller late Merlin variants

Spitfire fishtail exhausts 1/72 scale

ASQ72075     Spitfire fishtail exhaust late Merlin variants

TR1143 radio for S[pitfire 1/72

ASQ72076     TR1143 Spitfire Radio set of 2

Spitfires are very popular in modeling world. New accessories came from our PRU XI forthcoming kit. We have decided to make them available for modelers as separate items. My favorite are wheel sets. All of them have three different thread included, 6 wheels in set. We recommend them to everybody who is building aircraft with particular pattern as well as Spitfire fans that need them all in spare parts box.

Camera set is also a good and easy accessory for Airfix PRU XIX kit. TR1143 radios came with IFF box included. They are suitable not only for Spitfires but also for Mosquitos and even P-47 and P-51 escort fighters.

If you like our Spitfire accessories and you want something else for Spitfire – please write a comment below. We would be happy to release them.

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Spitfire PRU XI kit release

Spitfire XI kits  were announced for late June. Unfortunately we are still waiting for canopies. Next week starts Summer Holidays in Arma Hobby, and it looks we will not be able to release them before. We will start preorders late this week with dispatch planned starting from 15th July.

F2F-1 1/48 scale kit and a next batch of bombs will be released mid August.


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  1. Craig Sargent says:

    Spitfire wheels look very nice. Just wondering if the brand name is spelled incorrectly on the CAD images for a reason? Brand name on tires should be DUNLOP not DONLUP.

    Also, following on from the C-130J engines, do you have any plans to do a corrected set for the C-130H kit too? Thanks.


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