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Jason Gares, from Video Workbench has published a video review of MQ-8C 1/72 scale and MQ-8B 1/48 scale model kits. Jason comments box content during unboxing of kits. Then he comments models quality and skill level needed to built them.

“…cleanly cast parts make for an enjoyable kit…”

“…best cast kits I’ve ever seen…”

3 thoughts on “Video review – MQ-8C & MQ-8B model kits

  1. Pedro gonzales says:

    Awesome video! More!

  2. Aaron says:


    I have lost my instruction sheets for my 1/48 MQ-8B. Is it possible for me to purchase a copy or download?

    Great looking kit.

    Thank you

    1. You can download pdf on product page in our shop. Please follow link and then scroll down to see two pdf files links.

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