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Attack Squadron starts series of 1/72 and 1/48 scale upgrade sets fot Italeri C-130 kits. See what kit problems are easily solved with our sets. Check what sets are prepared now.

Italeri 1/72 and 1/48 kit problems

Main problem with kit is an error in fuselage section located in front of the wings. C-130 modeled by Italeri is short version of Hercules. It looks that manufacturer used scale drawings of long version and just squeezed fuselage section to fit length of short version.

It results with to short engines and fuselage undercarriage sponsons. Attack Squadron has already released correct length engines and has prepared to release corrected sponsons.

C-130 Hercules sets

Available now are following sets:

  • 72036  C-130 J engine nacelles for Italeri
  • 72040  KC-130 J refueling pod
  • 48015  C-130 J engine nacelles for Italeri




Coming soon:

  • 1/48     KC-130 J refueling pod
  • 1/72 and 1/48 C-130 Sponsons

C-130 replacement sponson for Italeri

Check our Arma Hobby internet shop here

Attack Squadron C-130 Engine Nacelles correction

Some castings of Attack Squadron C-130 Engine nacelles both 1/48 and 1/72 scale have a mould error they are vertically about 1mm to thin to fit smooth to kit wing part. Thanks to Steve Eggers to pointing it. It is our error missed in production control.


photo: © Steve Eggers

Customer satisfaction is our goal, so we propose following solution:

Please fill replacement parts form in our shop website, and then choose one of options listed below.

  1. Use putty and sandpaper to correct engine – wing fit and get 50% of engine set value in coupon code to our internet shop
  2. Order replacement engines sent free. Note – we are preparing completely new mold and will send replacements in 1-2 weeks.
  3. Send engines back to shop you bought them and get refund according to seller regulations. It depends on seller policies.

If you chosen options 1 or 2, please send us back your photo with engine set after receiving email confirming filling replacement parts form.


45 thoughts on “C-130 Hercules upgrade sets

  1. kenneth says:

    How about making some replacement wheels for the C-130’s the kit wheels are not even close to what they should look like. The kit wheels looks they have hubcaps on them they should have that deep dish center look to them fix that please!

    1. Brian says:

      Its made of wood

  2. Corrected nacele sets are available. See photos here

  3. Gareth says:

    Hi when will the 1/48 sponsons be available? Thanks

  4. Mr Andrew Coventry says:

    any chance of producing the DIRCM , IR fairings found on the rear of many USAF and RAF C130’s ?
    I NEVER found these available and they’re an impossible shape to model accurately .
    Also the other modern C130 lumps n bumps ?

  5. Freddie Cole says:

    Any news on the 1/48 KC-130J refuelling pods.


  6. Dennis Karoleski says:

    I would love to see a mod kit to represent the old “Roman Nose” C-130A versions. Specifically, modified birds like 53-3133 call sign Ginkko 33, the Lockheed NC-130A Hercules that conducted so many severe weather penetration test flights while attached to Air Farce Cambridge Research Laboratory (AFCRL).

  7. Lance says:

    Any chance of producing some 1/72nd and 1/48th scale RATO bottles for the LC-130 and Fat Albert Airlines?

    1. Richard Prokopchuk says:

      I agree. I’m building Israel AF 130s and almost all of them use RATO at some time.

  8. wong yook seng says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have recently bought Attack Squadron 1/72 C130J replacement engines nacelles correction set from a model shop in Hong Kong. How do i know whether it is an earlier casting or not beside assembling or fitting it to the model?. I have yet to start on the project.

    1. Early engine nacelles have solid block casting. New ones have hollow, thin wall castings.

  9. Scott says:

    Hi, are there any plans to make 1/48 scale stretched version of the Hercules. There are stretch panels in 1/72 scale but not for 1/48 and I’d love to build a stretched RAF c.130j c4.


    1. John says:

      Yep – same here. Looking for a strech version! RNoAF decals would be a huge plus!

  10. Jay says:

    I used to fly on C-130P and N models (Search and Rescue modification) and would like to see a conversion kit to be manufactured for 1/48 and 1/72 scale. Aerial refueling pods, side scanner windows, nose mounted FLIR, modified back ramp for flares.

    1. SN says:

      Agree, and a nose conversion for H models WC/HC-130’s.

  11. Gary Lewis says:

    I have recently bought Attack Squadron 1/48 C130J replacement engines nacelles correction set. Can I tell if these are the early ones in the same way as the 1/72 scale nacelles, that is early engine nacelles have solid block casting and the new ones have hollow, thin wall castings?

    1. Yes, old are solid casting and new have hollow casting.

  12. Andy R says:

    Would love to see the short nacelles get some love.. including one peice detailed nacelles, props, and exhausts. Italeri parts (in 1/48 scale) are a pain to clean up.

    A full detailed replacement rear ramp would be fantastic as well!


  13. Richard Prokopchuk says:

    Wondering if your C-130 refueling/external fuel tanks set comes with the full complement of parts, like the long drag hose, the probe basket and the like to convert a C-130 to KC-130 in 1/48?

  14. Isaac G says:

    How about update to the 1/48 H model?
    The kit says it is,but the sponsons are of the shorter E
    As well as the old engine nacelles and a stretch pieces for the J(already mentioned)

  15. Mick Burton says:

    Italeri’s C-130 suffers from the short engines and sponsons because it was originally issued as a DC-130A with three-bladed props. When released as a so-called C-130E/H all they did was add four-bladed props. I have your replacement parts and I must say the casting is exquisite! Well done, keep up the good work.

    How about some additions for Airfix’s new C-47; various radar noses, gunships, etc?


  16. tim Rathbone says:

    what about a DC 130 thimble nose? in 1/72 and 1/48.

  17. Jacques says:

    Pleas also the flaps for Italeri in 1/48

    1. JUAN PARRA says:


    2. John says:

      Certainly – super nice with flaps in 1/48!

  18. Richard Prokopchuk says:

    My Polish ancestors would be proud. 🙂 (Polish and Ukrainian)

  19. Colin Kunkel says:

    Any plans on doing corrected nacelles for the 1/72 C-130E/H Hercules?

  20. Keith says:

    Another vote for the DC-130 ‘Pinochio’ nose, please !

  21. Marco says:

    any chance or flaps for the C-130 in 1/48?

  22. Carlos Cortés says:

    Im interested in buy a c-130H Flaps kit. Scale 1/48. For a testors model.


    1. Is Testors kit a different one to Italeri?

      1. carlos cortes says:

        Not really, but I need the flaps kit in 1/48 scale

  23. Richard Butensky says:

    How bout conversion kits for MC-130J.Thanks

    1. It is extensive project. Not sure yet. Can you help with references? Please contact by email kontakt

  24. Glynn "WARDOG" Jacobs says:

    Great resin! A nice C-130 cockpit up-grade set would certainly be useful. There are NONE out there in resin and photo-etch is so limited, dimensionally speaking.



    1. It would be hard to do. We need to discuss about with team.

  25. Jarrod Moreton says:

    I too would like to see the rear loading ramp get the Attack Squadron treatment. Oh, and an LC-130 Skibird conversion in both 1/72 and 1/48. Skis, fairings and main landing gear ( what I can tell from photos is that the MLG is significantly different).
    Too much? Ok then, I’ll happily settle for a USN 400 gal Douglas Fuel Tank in 1/48. My Scooters need more gas!
    Still loving your engines – such crisp blades. Keep up the great work.



  26. VXE-6 LC-130’s sometimes taxied on the snow with skis down wheels up configuration which had the ski oleos struts extended. Could you produce these struts using pot metal ? I wish I had the inclination to photograph this unique configuration.

  27. James Roundtree says:

    Have you thought about making some of the specialized antennas used on some of the EC130s? I have also recently seen the rear of the inboard fuel tanks modified with antennas on marine C130s. I like your P2V and the navy modified some of them with different antennas.

  28. Donivan Phillips says:

    Interested in MC-130 with the Fulton recovery and the dome as well as the refueling pods, 1/48th. It will go with my HH-53C and a couple Sandy’s. Any input?

  29. desmond markham says:

    I would like to see a combat talon mc130 e nose with prongs if someone knows where I could obtain one of these in 48th scale I would be a happy bunny. thank you in advance. des

  30. K says:

    When will you be making c-130h engines and props again for 1/48 italeri models?

  31. Robert W Norton says:

    Do you guys carry or would you consider making a 105 mm Howitzer with implacement for the Italeri 1:48 Hercules gunship?

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