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C-130J models from Italeri are available on the market in 1/72 and 1/48 scales. Models have their years, but still are the best option for modelers who want to make a scale replica of Hercules. Attack Squadron meets these desires, making the production of accessories to improve the shortcomings of the model.

C-130J Italeri model kits

  • 1255 Lockheed C-130J HERCULES Italeri 1:72
  • 1348 Lockheed Martin HC-130J U.S. Coast Guard Italeri 1:72
  • 2643 Lockheed C-130J Hercules II Italeri 1:48

C-130J  1/72 scale accessories


Turboprop resin engines AE2100D3 for C-130J and HC-130J 1/72 link to shop


Aerial refueling pods for HC-130J (KC-130J) 1/72 (for Marines decal option) link

C-130J 1/48 scale accessories

Turboprop resin engines AE2100D3 for C-130J and HC-130J 1/48 coming soon

Aerial refueling pods for HC-130J (KC-130J) 1/72 (for Marines decal option) coming soon

11 thoughts on “C-130J Hercules – Italeri model kit accessories

  1. Rocco says:

    Congratulations because your products quality is really fantastiC!
    What do you think about the DRCIM sistem or up date set for the different MC/AC-130 latest version!?
    Rigards from Italy!

    1. Thank you for other C-130 products sugestions. We will discuss it with team soon.

  2. Steve Eggers says:

    My engines do not fit!

    Advertised as a replacement with little to no modification necessary, these are not that.

    If I line up the top of the nacelle to the kit mount, there is a pretty significant step. If I sanded it to match the aftermarket nacelle, there would be nothing left on the bottom of the mount. This is true for all four engine nacelles.

    They are also a little narrow in the width.
    This is unacceptable. Attack Squadron needs to rework the nacelle and make a Fit, Form and Function replacement correction.



    1. Thank you for finding an error. Some of engine castings are molded with a mistake. We are responsible and here you can find or replacement parts options for C-130 Engines.

  3. Jonathan Browne says:

    With regards to the new Turboprop engines for the C-130J, can they be used on the AC-130A and J, both 1:72 Italeri?

  4. Ray Seppala says:

    My replacement engines arrived yesterday, thank you for the great service in replacing them. Looking forward to using them on my next C-130J build

  5. jonathan says:

    i heard a rumor about you guys making a 1/48 set of aerial refueling pods for the c130j. when can we expect this?

    1. Hopefully early next year (2016).

      1. Nick says:

        Thank you for the great work you do! I was wondering if we could please get an update on the status of the 1:48 scale refueling pods? I see they were expected in early 2016, but its nearly July 2016 currently. I know of a few other 1:48 scale modelers who would also be quite excited and interested in any information. Thank you.

    2. Philip Walton says:

      I’m waiting on this!!!!! Currently building a KC-130J in 1/48 scale.

  6. Kevin says:


    First thank you for the effort to fix the C-130 models. I think there are more oppurtunities still. Wheels, air scoop for the flightdeck AC pack on the right side of the fuselage, antennas, SKE radome, and chaff/flare dispensers. This is just the exterior! Have Attack Squadron considered further correction sets? Perhaps even a fuselage extension for the C-130J-30 could be produced. I work on C-130Js and would love to see the subject properly represented! Again, thanks for your efforts!

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