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Model drone MQ-8C, as any helicopter model must have perfectly detailed rotor head. This element is very complicated and therefore always simplified in models 1/72 and 1/48 scale. Designing our MQ-8C model we have approached this problem in a very sophisticated way. See probably the most accurate rotor heads available on the market.

Rotor head MQ-8C – Bell 407 – OH-58

In each of these models, helicopters, Bell 407 and OH-58 Kiowa rotor head used was the same type. Complete head in our model is directly printed in 3D with the original 3 dimensional structure. The image shows a comparison of the same rotor head  in OH-58 Italeri and our MQ-8C models.

 3D print head rotor OH-58 & MQ-8C

Rotor head in OH-58 Italeri model on the left and MQ-8C Attack Squadron on the right

What’s in the model?

The model MQ-8C contains 3D print head. As in model MQ-8B scale 1/48 it will require priming with liquid putty – a thin layer of surfacer applied using an airbrush. Then gently rubbing the polishing sandpaper or steel wool gradation 000  will smooth gradations traces of 3D print layers. Such prepared rotor head can be painted and assembled on the model. The material from which rotor head it is printed is very tough and durable.

 Rotor head MQ-8C 1/72

Rotor heads for MQ-8C were just printed in 3D today. We need a few days to pack up and start selling.

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