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Model of the MQ-8C – today we can see it undressed – without paint. Perfect detailed model surface with photo-etched parts and wire. See how much does it inspire for painting and weathering!

Model drone MQ-8C assembles extremely fast. It looks we developed parts division and molding technology to the level we can release really easy built detailed kit. See olso renderings and parts division link

assembled resin parts

Helicopter legs are made from wire. You can find it in set as well as template to bent it correctly..

od tyłu

Photoetch is really huge for such little kit. Tail rotor is made from both resin and photoetch – choice is yours.

MQ-8c with photo etch fret

Bell 407 eye catching profile 1/72 scale fitted with all those details that “make model”.

photoetched parts  applied on MQ-8C

built mq-8c

left view of built mq-8c

built mq-8c with photoetch from rear

underside view of mq-8c model details

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5 thoughts on “MQ-8C 1/72 scale model kit – assembled

  1. Steve Gardner says:

    Will you be doing a civil version of the Bell 407?


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