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MQ-8C model 1/72 scale goes into production in the coming days. Today we present 3D renderings. See what level of detail offers a model of this unusual construction.

 MQ-8C 3D render

3D renderings MQ-8C/Bell 407 in scale 1/72

MQ-8C is based on the Bell 407 helicopter. This reliable aircraft with high payload and range has become a platform for the latest U.S. Navy drone system. Our model renders the characteristics of Bell 407, such as an extended hull and slightly wider fuselage in the rear of the cab.


 MQ-8C agressive look

Observation head comes from MQ-8B

 rear MQ-8C

 MQ-8C from behind

Crew seats are replaced with electronics boxes, and windows were simply painted over. A few external installation were added, which we will discuss in the coming days.

MQ-8C model parts


 MQ-8C parts 3D render

The main part of the model – the fuselage is molded in one piece that makes it assembly of drone extremely easy.

 mq8c hull 05

 mq8c hull 04

 mq8c hull 03

 mq8c hull 02

Share with us and other users of its service opinion, write a comment below.

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11 thoughts on “MQ-8C – 3D model renders

  1. Louis Turgeon says:

    I have lost the FLIR turret that goes under the nose is it possible to obtain another one for the MQ-8C

    Thank You

  2. Aaron says:

    Any chance of you upsizing this to 1/48? It would look great next to my Firescout!

  3. Del Miller says:

    I agree with Aaron (above). Would be delighted to have this in 1:48th.

    1. We are not sure, but probably yes.

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