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Today we present you in-box of Grumman F8F-1 model 1:72scale , from Attack Squadron. See box content, resin parts, level of details and free accessories – 3D printed propeller hub, photoetch parts, vacu canopy and decals.

unsealed box F8F-1

Unsealed kit box

opened box of Bearcat kit

Opened box, please note that it is sold with parts secured with bubble wrap, removed for photo.

bagged grumman F8F-1 parts 1:72

Parts grouped with blastic bags

decals and extra parts F8F-1

Extra part and decals. You can see vacu canopy and 3D print of propeller hub, both with special marked bags. Wing tips and gunsight are casted with clear resin.

flaps and rear fuselage of Bearcat model

Rear part of fuselage and control surfaces, flaps and ailerons.

Bearcat 1:72 model wings

Wings of Bearcat, you can see detailed undercarriage bay and cut out flaps and ailerons.

front fuselage with interior parts

Front fuselage and cockpit parts with interior.

small PARTS F8F-1

Small parts, propeller blades, undercarriage covers, wheels, control surfaces etc…


Last but not least weapons and belly tank. they fit also Corsair from korea…

So thats all today. check a model kit website in our shop. Leave a comment blow and let fellow modelers to know your opinion on kit please.

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