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Bearcat cockpit as well as fuselage section between cockpit and engine compartment are extensively detailed in our 1:72 scale model kit. The sections are cast separately, and their mutual fitting is exceptionally good. Wonderful details of these segments are clearly visible from top through the canopy or from the bottom through undercarriage bay.

kabina F8F Bearcat

Cockpit sections assembles like Lego blocks. The floor with the side consoles and seat slides to the right place of fuselage section and does not even require glue. Photoetched parts renders pilot’s straps, throttle levers and the rear view mirror.

Bearcat canopy



Blown Vacu canopy is specially produced from our 3D prints by well regarded company Rob Taurus from Czech Republic.

engine mount compartment F8F

The Section before cockpit have the engine mount, oil tanks and other construction details, enriched with elements of photoetch.

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