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Attack Squadron has prepared a plenty of new releases for May 2017. First batch of new releases is already available in Arma Hobby shop. Morenew releases will be available in second half of May. See what is available now and what products will be available soon!

Available sets

First batch of new releases you can buy in Arma Hobby, link.

ASQ48067 1/48 F4U Corsair Diamond Thread Wheels set

ASQ48068 1/48 F4U Corsair Block Thread Wheels set

ASQ48069 1/48 F4U Corsair Ribbed Thread Wheels set

ASQ48070 1/48 F4U Corsair Ribbed/Diamond Thread Wheels set

ASQ48071 1/48 F4U Corsair Cross Thread Wheels set

ASQ48072 1/48 F4U Corsair Late Ribbed Thread (late ’50s) Wheels set

ASQ72119 TS-11 R Novax conversion

ASQ72128 AV-8B Night Attack nose for Hasegawa

Coming in second half of May 2017

See what is coming soon in Arma Hobby shop link

  • ASQ48058 1/48 PAF F-16C upgrade set for Tamiya
  • ASQ48064 1/48 C-130 Flaps for Italeri
  • ASQ72116 Polish F-16 upgrade set

More sets planned for May 2017:

  • AV-8B Cockpit Upgrade PE 1/72
  • AV-8B Harrier GR 5/7/9 engine nozzles for Hasegawa 1/72
  • AV-8B Harrier Wheels for Hasegawa 1/72
  • F16 tailcone with drag chute for Revell and Hasegawa 1/72
  • F4U Corsair R-2800 Engine set for Tamiya 1/72
  • F6F fuel tank 1/72
  • F6F Hellcat R-2800 Engine set for Eduard 1/72
  • P-51 75 US Gal Fuel Tank 1/72
  • 1/48 F6F fuel tank
  • 1/48 F16 tailcone with drag chute for Tamiya

See all new products, Attack Squadron, Hataka Hobby and Modele Maker in Arma Hobby shop link

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  1. Izzy says:

    Any more SBD Dauntless details coming? Like propellers maybe?

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