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This weekend the promotion of “preorder” model fighter F2F-1 in 1/48 scale ends. From Monday the price will increase to the regular one. Next week we start dispatch of preorders. See details which inspire your imagination and what additional benefits you get by buying it on preorder

grumman f2f-1 1/48

Preparations to release the model kit are almost done. Yesterday we have received transparent film with instrument dials and decals kindly printed by Mirage Hobby.

kalkomanie i klisze

Decal sheet size 12×17 cm allows to build almost all F2F-1 produced. Instruction describes 6 markings options: four from US Navy squadrons and two from US Marines.


Surface details of F2F-1

Model was 3D designed and masters were 3D printed. Resin castings not only provides accurate shape of airframe, but also panel tab  joins and lines of raised rivets and dzus fittings.

See 3D renderings of model parts  here

Extra benefits from preorder

Preorder, buying before release is granted in our shop with extra benefits. After placing order you will be contacted by email with special offer. You can add to your preorder more items with good price. You can share that benefit with a friend or anybody you please.

Hurry up  „preorder” on F2F-1 model ends Sunday 25 October 2015!

Buy F2F-1 model kit 1/48 now!

3 thoughts on “F2F-1 model kit 1/48 available next week!

  1. Jacqueline says:

    I might be interested in ordering the F2F, just one question:

    Do you provide low value declaration? For customs purposes, it should not exceed EUR 50.00, shipping included, and I don’t want any invoice or receipt sent with the parcel.

    Would that be possible?

  2. Phillip Ware says:

    I have ordered two F2F-1 on preorder, I think
    I may end up with as many as I have of the Accurate Miniatures Grumman F3F-1 ( the best model ever manufactured, that is, up until now!)

  3. Fabrice says:

    I have received mine last week-end. It’s very an impressive and beautiful kit. I have just some doubts about the landing gear solidity. On decal sheet, the blue seems to me too light and the star of VF-5 shoulb yellow. Congratulations for this nice kit.

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