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We have just released new items announced a few days ago. They are available in our Arma Hobby internet shop. You can find among them bomb racks and launching rails for modern jests as well as WW2 aerial torpedo. See all latest news and future news update now.

Bomb racks and launching rails are that kind of model parts that are often ommited by manufacturers or molded with limited details. New items were already announced here. Today you can buy them in our shop in both 1/48 and 1/72 scales.

Accessories for F-18

First batch of new items are designed for F-18 model kits. It contents bomb racks and launching rails that allow to increase number of weapon units carried by F-18.


72043 BRU-33/55 canted Vertical Ejector Rack (cVER)


48016 BRU-33/55 canted Vertical Ejector Rack (cVER)


72048 LAU-115 w/2 x LAU-7


48021 LAU-115 w/2 x LAU-127

Bomb racks for F-16

Next are triple ejector racks for F-16. It should be noted, that usually in combat two bombs are attached to them..


72052 TER9A triple ejector rack for F-16


48025 TER9A triple ejector rack for F-16

Torpedo MkXIII

Last but not least is US Navy Mk XIII torpedo 1/72 scale. See more about it in article in history section.

mk xiii aerial torpedo

72008 MK XIII Torpedo

All orders on novelties will be dispatched next week

Attack Squadron release plans for Spring-Summer 2015

First in beginning of June will be released sets of modern jests weapons both 1/48 and 1/72 scales. Then, also in June 1/72 scale aircraft model kit. 1/72. In Summer holidays is planed release of US Navy biplane fighter 1/48, and series of ww2 bombs 1/48 and 1/72. Most of new items are ready for casting or are 3D printed at now.

More information and pictures will be published next week

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