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Mark XIII – US Navy aerial torpedo – the most extensively used specialised torpedo during World War Two. It was deployed in 1287 torpedo attacks and 40% (514) of them were succesful hits. Read about a history of development of that powerful weapon of naval aviation and see what resin kit is offered by Attack Squadron.

Combat record of Torpedo MK 13  is quite impresing. Attack on big targets (Battle ships and Carriers) were 50% ( of 322 attacks) succesful. Smaller warships like destroyers were attacked with 31% success (in 179 attacks) and merchant ships with 41% success (of 445) . But at start of combat use torpedo Mk XIII was not regarded by pilots due to malfunctions .

torpeda mk xiii z osłonkami ze sklejki

Development of the torpedo G-6 (Mk 13)

Development of  G-6 torpedo started in 1925 roku. It was postponed for a time and development was started again on 1931. Finally on 1935 Torpedo Mark 13 became first specialized aerial torpedo accepted for service in US Navy aviation. During World War Two it became the most extensively used aerial torpedo.

douglas tbd zrzuca torpedą mk13

Earlier versions of torpedo were dropped from small altitude of 50 feet and with low speed 110 knots. It made torpedo airplanes very vulnerable to enemy’s fire. Also malfunctions were a great problem with early MK 13 version. Problems were solved during a war. Stabilizer fins were changed and plywood covers for tail section and warhead were introduced. Plywood covers reduced speed of falling torpedo and absorbed shock of hit of water surface. It increased drop altitude to 2000 feet and speed to  410 knots.

zrzut torpedy z kutra torpedoweg o PT

Torpedoes Mark XIII were also used by US PT Boats. The were launched different way than regular torpedos, just rolled out of the boat on rails (see photo above). So it was not launching blast visible to enemy. Also they can operate on shallow waters against small Japanese vessels and they had a bigger warhead.

Model of Aerial Torpedo Mk XIII

Attack Squadron has released a resin model of Torpedo Mk XIII . Set contains torpedo body, early warhead, later warhead with plywood cover and aerodynamic cap for plywood cover. It was used on late aircraft without bomb bay like AM Mauler and AD Skyraider. Last but not least are photoetched fins, propeller and pluwood tail cover.

mk13 i TBF Avenger

Model is suitable for following carrierborne aircraft models 1/2: TBD Dewastator, TBF/TBM, Avenger AM Mauler i AD Skyraider and for patrol aircraft models: PBY, PBJ, PV, etc.

samolot patrolowy z torpeda mk13

Torpedo Mk 13 – model 1/72

Model parts are molded in highest quality. 3D print masters are casted with resin

mk 13 torpedo 1/72 attack squadron


Buy model of torpedo Mk XIII 1/72 scale in Arma Hobby model shop.


Photos: wikipedia, US Navy

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  1. Phillip Ware says:

    Hi Wojtek,
    Is it possible to scale the torpedo MK XIII up to 1/48 scale for TBD-1 by Great Wall hobbies,
    And Revell’s Ventura. The TBD-1 is difficult to find as a torpedo bomber but your torpedo could be used to convert the Wake Island TBD-1 which is still quite numerous.

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