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April is almost gone, so let we see latest new resin accessories from Attack Squadron – for Italeri’s C-130 and Mig-29. Sets are prepared for upgrade 1/72 scale model kits. A great addition to those sets are new Hataka Hobby colors, see them all!

Upgrade sets for Italeri aircraft kits

mig-29 zbiornik do italeri

First set is the centreline fuel tank for MiG-29.

sponson do c-130 italeri

Next set corrects an error of  Italeri C-130 Hercules. Manufacturer of shor fuselage version unfortunately shortened some imoirtant parts of airplane such engines and sponsons.  C-130J sponson set make correction easy and your Herc gets authentic look.

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New color sets from Hataka Hobby

mig-29 kolory polskich sił powietrznych

New Hatakas are complementary to our latest resin sets. Modern Polish Aviation set contains current colors for F-16 C/D, Mig-29 and helicopters

us navy marines aircraft colors set

Last but not least set contains colors for US-Navy and US Marines aircraft since 1950s to 1970s. It fits perfectly  Italeri C-130 from Marines.

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