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MK 77  napalm canisters were used by U.S. naval aviation since the 60s of the last century . They were a “Cult ” weapons of the period of the Vietnam War. They were lethally effective against manpower and fortifications , and vehicles in the bushes and jungle of South East Asia. Set bombs – napalm tanks 1:72 scale certainly give an authentic appearance of aircraft models from this era.

Skyhawk with napalm bomb 1:72 scale

Underwing  napalm tanks

Napalm bombs slung under the aircraft U.S. Navy / Marines have been used in various configurations , from the pair as a complementary weapon of attack missions to a number of pieces in dedicated napalm strikes .

Types of aircraft using the MK 77 bomb

A-1 Skyraider

A-4 Skyhawk

A-7 Corsair II

AV8B Harrier II

F- 4 Phantom

F- 18C Hornet

The use in combat

Mk77 bombs were used even until the beginning of this century . Since the activities in Vietnam ( 1964-1975 ) , they were used in the first Iraq War (1991) and even in the second War in Iraq , but only for power projection and deterrence.

Napalm bomb kits in 1:72 scale

This month we have released two sets of napalm bombs . One of the two tanks , and the other six .

napalm tanks mk 77

Set of two bombs is designed for aircraft used for ground attack missions in which napalm is only a complementary mean of combat .

napalm cannister mk 77

Set of six bombs intended for aircraft with a dedicated mission with napalm or for those that have a large number of pylons or can take bombs on multiple ejectors TER / MER .

A4E Skyhawk model with bombs Mk77

Marcin finishes Skyhawk model of VMA – 311 with napalm tanks stored as a supplement to the Mk82 bombs Snakeye . Under the fuselage is also mounted our production Douglas tank , but it is configured without a tail, and fins, as used by the Marines.

A4E Skyhawk - ESCI 1:72

mk77_005 mk77_004 A4E Model, VMA-311

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