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Our model F8F -1 Bearcat is almost ready for release. We’re just waiting for photoetched parts , vacu canopy and 3D printed spinner . In the meantime, we show some strong points of the model. 1:72 scale replica includes several extras not encountered so far in models this scale . All control surfaces are molded separately. This gives you the ability to set them in the desired position. Let’s see details in the picture.

 f8F Bearcat wing detail 1:72

F8F Bearcat interior wing structure design is clearly visible in our model . The tip of the wing is also available in transparent resin to make position lights .

bearcat undercarriage legs

Undercarriage of model is made ​​with regard to the smallest details , the covers are thin and detailed . Legs are monted in  wing with large good fit plug that ensures appropriate fit without tedious trial fits . We checked that the undercarriage legs, despite the filigree structure are sufficiently strong to maintain the model. It is even stronger with the landing gear cover glued to the side.

bearcat fuselage interior

Undercarriage bays opens into the interior of the hull. The Bearcat model has moulded all hull interior details visible in the original aircraft .

tail wheel

Also the tail wheel is prepared for easy and firm mounting in the tail of the aircraft model . Additional covers are made of photo etch .

Learn more about Grumman F8F Bearcat model 1:72 scale and look at his page in our store.

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