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Today you can look into F8F-1 model kit box again and see markings options. Probably you are courious what decals are included in kit. We have prepared two French aviation from Indochina  markings and one US Navy .

Well, French have used Bearcats in combat, so it is clear they should be included in marking options first.

72018 F8F-1 Bearcat decals

  1. Grumman F8F-1, 106/P, Groupe de Chasse 2/9 “Auvergne”, French Indochina 1952
  2. Grumman F8F-1, 5174/M, Groupe de Chasse 1/22 “Saintonge”, Dien Bien Phu, French Indochina 1954
  3. Grumman F8F-1, A100, Bu No 95244, M. DeVane, Commander CVAG-15,  USS Tarawa CV-40, California Coast 1948

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