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Spitfire PA944 – a great story from past

Spitfire PA944
When an old doctor passed away in age 91; his relatives found 16mm films from 2nd WW in his closet. Medical officer of USAAF reconnaissance squadron filmed crash of Spitfire with US markings. When they started search for some more information, they found whole story that surprised them.
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US Navy Aerial Torpedo Mk XIII

samolot patrolowy z torpeda mk13
Mark XIII – US Navy aerial torpedo – the most extensively used specialised torpedo during World War Two. It was deployed in 1287 torpedo attacks and 40% (514) of them were succesful hits. Read about a history of development of that powerful weapon of naval aviation and see...
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Wild Weasel Warfare

Fate of the pilots became even more dangerous, since armies began to fight aviation not only with other aircraft, but also by the use of radar and led by anti-aircraft guns. Such actions have already taken place during the Second World War, by which it became necessary to...
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AIM-9X Sidewinder!

AIM- 9X Sidewinder Super is the culmination of a long lineage of air-to- air infrared homing guided missiles. The missile was tested in 1999 , and already in the first shot downed drone QF- 4 Phantom II.
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