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In October we will release more resin airplane kits accessories. From pre-war period to modern jest. Some new lines as well as  continuation of old lines. See what new is prepared for this week!

Modern US Navy and Marines airplane flare dispensers

asq-48053-photo1 asq-72102-photo1

48053  AN-ALE 39 flare dispenser (USN/USMC) 10pcs

72102  AN-ALE 39 flare dispenser (USN/USMC) 10pcs

Resin wheels for  Lockheed C-130 Hercules

asq-48054-photo1 ASQ-72103-photo1

48054  C-130 wheel set (with disc brakes)

72103  C-130 wheel set (with disc brakes)

F-16 accessories

We have not forgot about F-16. Conformal Fueal Tanks (CFT) for Tamiya model kit 1/48 scale are prepared. Perfect fit to model surface is achieved thanks to 3D scanning of model kit parts.

asq-48057-photo1 asq-48057-render-01 asq-48057-skan (3)

48057  CFT for Tamiya F-16C

New product lines

Accessories for PZL P.11c

First of pre war Polish aircraft accssories series are upgrade sets for PZL P.11 from Mirage Hobby 1/48.

asq-48055-render asq-48056-photo1

48055  PZL P.11c upgrade set for Mirage kit

48056  PZL P.11 wheels and fuel tank bottom

Radial engines R-1820

New series of radial engines. By design as small number of resin parts as possible, photoetched fret and turned brass pushrods. What do you think about our idea? Please write comment at the end of post.

asq-72095-foto asq-72096-render

asq-72096-foto-1asq-72096-foto-2 asq-72096-render2

72095  R-1820-60 SBD-5 Dauntless engine for Hasegawa

72096  R-1820 B-17 engines for Academy/Hasegawa

Accessories for F/A-18 Hornet

Next new series are accessories for F/A-18 (Academy, fits other manufacturers too)

asq-72097-render01 asq-72097-render02

asq-72098-photo1 asq-72098-photo2

asq-72098-render asq-72109-render

72097  F/A-18 C/D GE F404 Engine Nozzles

72098  F/A-18 C/D wheel set 72109  F/A-18 Hornet pylons

We are starting taking orders on Frifay 21st October. See them all in news in Arma Hobby shop now

Coming soon in November 2016

Prepared for November:

  • Accessories for F/A-18 1/48 scale (Kinetic)
  • More radial engines
  • More resin wheels
  • WW2 conversion sets

See  coming soon in Arma Hobby

Do not forget to comment Attack Squadron news below. Share your opinion, suggest new products please.


8 thoughts on “News from Attack Squadron October 2016

  1. ulises velez says:

    this model accessories is better that expected.

  2. Peter G Stevens says:

    The detail of your radial engines is fantastic for 1/48 scale or bigger but I think it may be a bit too many detail parts like push rods etc for 1/72 scale or smaller. I suggest you rather cast in these details for the smaller scales rather than have loose parts.
    I am planning to build a 1/72 scale Sunderland MkV so I would like to know which P&W engines I should use as they did not have Bristol engines in the MkV. I would also need propellers and resin mouldings of the underwing radar blisters as I cannot obtain drawings of them?

    1. Thank you for comment. We will try some engines with separate pushrods to see modeler’s opinion. Sunderland V – it is quite obscure subject for us. It looks they used R-1830 engines. It would be released in future.

  3. Izzy says:

    Do you have any more 1/48 scale SBD Dauntless accessories planned? I would be very interested in a set of smooth tread tires and Hamilton Standard constant speed and Hydromatic props.

    1. Almost ready are engine for SBD-5 and bombs 1/48 scale. Never considered propeller, maybe we should think about. Do you have references to help us?

      1. Izzy says:

        I do have a War Department Technical Manual of Aircraft Propellers, and a Hamilton Standard Controllable and Constant Speed Propeller Service Manual that may prove useful. They are in PDF format.

        1. Please check you email.

  4. John Box says:

    Any chance that you will be doing the refueling probe and plumbing for the RAF (and now Mexico) C-130Ks? You have released a set for the RAF C-130J, but it does not seem to include the refueling probe.

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