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February Attack Squadron news are conversion and upgrade sets for three plastic kits. They are designed to easy solve model problem. All are resin and can bu used straight from the box almost without any fit work.

skrzydła f4f-3 wildcat

F4F-3 Wildcat resin wings 1/72

New in our range are F4F-3 1/72 scale wings that are first set on the market to have correct panel lines on early Wildcat as well as separate coolers with correct intake, separate ailerons and dropped flaps. Simple use of our set makes F4F-3 Wildcat model look much better than built out of the box. It is designed for Hasegawa kit, but it would be used with other kits wit some fit work.

F4F-3 wildcat wings

F4F-3 Wildcat/Martlet III wings w/dropped flaps


Tamiya’s F-16CJ detailed wheel bays 1/72

Next in F-16 accessories series is whell bay set for Tamiya F-16CJ 1/72 scale kit. After cut out the casting blocks you get a plug-and-glue detailed wheel bay interior that makes your Viper kit look really busy. It can be used together with other sets for F-16 from Attack Squadron.

F-16CJ wheel bay for Tamiya

F-16CJ wheel bay tamiya 1/72

Italeri C-130J engine correction 1/48 scale

Last but not least is set of resin engines for Italeri Lockheed C-130J Hercules 1/48 scale kit. As it was with their 1/72 scale kit, engines are to short. If you want to avoid goofy look of your Herc, you need just to cut Attack Squadron engines out of casting block and glue in place.

1/48 C-130 J engine nacelles for Italeri

C-130J engine set for Italeri

One thought on “F4F-3, F-16C and C-130 upgrade and conversion sets

  1. Brandon S. Wood says:

    Please please please scale up your F4F-3 wings to 1/48 so they can be used on the Tamiya F4F-4. I know HobbyBoss makes a 1/48 F4F-3 but the inaccurate panel lines on the fuselage and soft recessed rivet detail, also incaccurate, pales in comparison to the beautiful Tamiya F4F.

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