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Opinie o modelach Attack Squadron

Na tej stronie publikujemy opinie o naszych modelach. Zapraszamy do przesyłania Waszych opinii na nasz  adres emailowy lub wpisywania komentarzy pod opiniami.

I just wanted to drop you a note congratulating you on the very high quality of this kit. Absolutely wonderful job! Love that you guys are focusing on the Navy subjects I love. Also, shipping was super fast. Had it within two weeks. Keep up the great work!

Gary Schurr
Harleysville, PA

The MQ-8B is really a sweet kit! The detail is delicately executed and to scale. Such fine work has heretofore been noted only on a few kits in this scale ( such as the later Olimp- ProResin series), and a few others. Assembly appears straightforward and the addition of appropriate photo etch goodies is greatly appreciated. The owners rapidly and fairly overcame several ” first day release” issues expeditiously and all in favor of the consumer . Decals are expansive and the instructions satisfactory. Packaging is superb and my specimen arrived damage free in Texas after a transit from Poland. Attack Squadron has raised the bar with this latest release and future releases are highly anticipated!

Brendan comment on MQ-8B

Just recieved my 3rd kit from ths company.The MQ-8B Fire scout. Crisp and clean. This company puts others to shame. If you don’t enjoy working with resin it’s because you have never bought a kit from this company. I will post my pics upon completipon of this kit. I hope it will look similar to the kit on this site.

William Frail on Facebook

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3 thoughts on “Opinie

  1. Martin W napisał(a):

    Following on from your superb UAV range in 1/48, might you be interested in doing X-47B in this scale?
    I am sure it would get a whole lot of attention!

    1. Wojtek Bułhak napisał(a):

      Thank you for suggestion. We have not considered it as X-47B 1:72 scale kit is available. 1:48 would be a huge kit. Anyway we will discussyour suggestion with team soon.

  2. Steven H. McLain napisał(a):

    Please consider making the following: 1/48, Kaman K-Max, Hughes/Sikorsky 300C,
    Hiller UH-12

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