1:72 scale F8F Bearcat – instruction

f8f-1 model kit 1:72 scale
F8F-1 Bearcat scale model kit 1:72 scale is ready for release. Sales start within days. Let’s check model instruction to see what is in the box. You can see following stages of assembly. It is clearly visible, that you get a plenty of details and options just in...
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1:72scale Bearcat weapon

F8F-1 Bearcats were armed with four cal .50 machine guns (12.7 mm). Mounted in the wings provided enough firepower to fight aircraft and unarmored vehicles and manpower. In addition, under the wings mounted a total of four 127mm rockets – HVAR. They were fired from modern, short ejectors,...
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Cockpit and fuselage interior in F8F Bearcat 1:72

kabina F8F Bearcat
Bearcat cockpit as well as fuselage section between cockpit and engine compartment are extensively detailed in our 1:72 scale model kit. The sections are cast separately, and their mutual fitting is exceptionally good. Wonderful details of these segments are clearly visible from top through the canopy or from...
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The engine and propeller F8F Bearcat 1:72

F8F-1 engine 1:72
Bearcat history began with the engine … designers were commissioned to design light and maneuverable aircraft for R -2800 Double Wasp engine. The inspiration was a German aircraft Fw -190 . Our model is beautifully rendered engine, and really sophisticated propeller. Let’s see today another episode on  details...
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Napalm bombs Mk77 1:72 scale

MK 77  napalm canisters were used by U.S. naval aviation since the 60s of the last century . They were a “Cult ” weapons of the period of the Vietnam War. They were lethally effective against manpower and fortifications , and vehicles in the bushes and jungle of...
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Bearcat 1:72 – wing and landing gear

f8F Bearcat wing detail 1:72
Our model F8F -1 Bearcat is almost ready for release. We’re just waiting for photoetched parts , vacu canopy and 3D printed spinner . In the meantime, we show some strong points of the model. 1:72 scale replica includes several extras not encountered so far in models this...
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F8F Bearcat – wings test castings

Production Bearcat slowly accelerates. We already have more parts in production. Today you can see photos of wings test castings. Photo Etched parts also already etched at the hauler. The delay can occur when printing decals – but I expect sales start in the first week of February.
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F8F Bearcat boxart

We are almost ready with Bearcat boxart. Digital art by Marcin, prepared using model 3D renderings. It makes a good opportunity to ask your opinion. What do you think:should be accept it or there is need for change?
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F8F-1 Decals

72018 F8F-1 Bearcat decals
Today you can look into F8F-1 model kit box again and see markings options. Probably you are courious what decals are included in kit. We have prepared two French aviation from Indochina  markings and one US Navy .
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