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MQ-8C – 3D model renders

MQ-8C agressive look
MQ-8C model 1/72 scale goes into production in the coming days. Today we present 3D renderings. See what level of detail offers a model of this unusual construction. 3D renderings MQ-8C/Bell 407 in scale 1/72 MQ-8C is based on the Bell 407 helicopter. This reliable aircraft with high...
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MQ-8C 1/72 drone model is announced

3D render MQ-8C model
MQ-8C is another model drone produced by Attack Squadron in 1:72 scale. Drone helicopter is about to enter the service on the U.S. Navy ships and its replica will go on sale in a few dozen days. See what characterizes the helicopter-drone and how the parts are designed...
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AIM-9X Sidewinder!

AIM- 9X Sidewinder Super is the culmination of a long lineage of air-to- air infrared homing guided missiles. The missile was tested in 1999 , and already in the first shot downed drone QF- 4 Phantom II.
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1:72 scale F8F Bearcat – instruction

f8f-1 model kit 1:72 scale
F8F-1 Bearcat scale model kit 1:72 scale is ready for release. Sales start within days. Let’s check model instruction to see what is in the box. You can see following stages of assembly. It is clearly visible, that you get a plenty of details and options just in...
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Napalm bombs Mk77 1:72 scale

MK 77  napalm canisters were used by U.S. naval aviation since the 60s of the last century . They were a “Cult ” weapons of the period of the Vietnam War. They were lethally effective against manpower and fortifications , and vehicles in the bushes and jungle of...
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