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MQ-8B w skali 1:48 już wkrótce będzie dostępny w sprzedaży. Dzisiaj uchylę rąbka tajemnicy na temat najbliższych planów i nowości.

Modele do sklejania:

MQ-8B 1:48 – październik 2013
K-Max 1:48 – w przygotowaniu
Myśliwiec US Navy 1:72 – listopad/grudzień 2013 (model w wersjach: profi z pełnym wnętrzem silnika i okolic oraz w tańszej wersji uproszczonej)
Odrzutowiec 1:48
Transportowiec 1:144
US Navy Seabees ponton pier


Zbiorniki 300 gal. do Skyhawka 1:48 – paździenik
Buddy refuelling pack 1:72
Torpeda MK XIII 1:72 z różnymi głowicami

Wesprzyj nas, napisz opinie o przedstawionych planach wydawniczych Attack Squadron!

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13 thoughts on “Plany wydawnicze Attack Squadron

  1. Curt Epstein napisał(a):

    I am very curious to learn what your 1/72 USN fighter will be. Most of the obvious choices have already been kitted, so I am hoping that you found something that other companies have missed. I am not one who must have the latest version of a aircraft that has been released by many other companies in the past simply because it is new. Given your choices of the KMax and theFireScout, I don’t believe this is what you want to do either. I like your idea of releasing kits in two levels, one with added detail, one without. Once again, I remain eager to see if this new kit will get added to my list of „must haves).

  2. Roger napisał(a):

    I am definitely going to buy 1/48 MQ8b once it is released… Do you plan to make a 1/48 x-47B. which cargo plane is going to be made? Thanks

  3. uhebeisen napisał(a):

    I would go for an interesting kit in scale 1/72 since this is my favorite scale. And like Curt says it depends of the type of aircraft that you will be offering.

  4. Gary napisał(a):

    Looking forward to seeing what the Navy fighter will be. Hopefully it will be one of the few never kitted before or poorly represented. If it is, I’m in!

  5. Chris napisał(a):

    1/48 is mostly up my alley so the firescout and K-max are certainly on my sights!

  6. Alex napisał(a):

    Regarding the USN 1/72 fighter… Oh please, please let it be a late version North American Fury! There are absolutely no decent kits for either FJ-2, FJ-3 or FJ-4 version Fury in the 1/72 scale. Among those U.S. carrier borne fighters that have actually served on carriers operationally, the Fury series seems to be very poorly represented in 1/72, keeping in mind that the kits from Emhar and RVHP are rather aged and lack detail, accuracy and finesse in general.
    Best regards,

  7. Gary napisał(a):

    Actually the Emhar Fury isn’t bad but an FJ-3 would be great!

  8. Arrin napisał(a):

    Oh, please let the 1/72nd US Navy fighter be a Fury!

    1. Wojtek Bułhak napisał(a):

      Not this time, but Fury is a very good idea, we know.

      1. Alex napisał(a):

        Well, that’s a shame.
        Obviously, your work for that new 1/72 USN fighter kit has already progressed beyond the stage where you are taking suggestions.
        The reason I have singled out the Fury series is the fact that practically all other USN fighters – starting from as early planes as Boeing F4B and Grumman FF – already have more or less decent kits in the 1/72 scale, either in production or announced and expected (like the F3D).
        Nevertheless, as a USN fan, I will eagerly wait for your announcement of what that new model actually is.

        1. Wojtek Bułhak napisał(a):

          Yes, it is 95% ready for 3D printing. Kit will be test of some advanced engineering of Resin master. Eg dropped flaps with all hinges and details around them moulded. Fuselage is divided not in halves, but in construction sections, with some interior including engine mount etc.

          We wanted to check, what would be received better by modelers. Simple kit with extraordinary surface detail or kit with many interior details, dropped flaps and folded wings.

          F3D, Not this time, I would be happy to build one… But my favourite USN aircraft is FM-2 and A4.

  9. Ross napisał(a):

    The suspense is killing me! Can you at least give a clue what era it is from?

  10. Todd Pierce napisał(a):

    I fly the MQ-8B and will order this! Great work!

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