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K-Max – to długo oczekiwany wyrafinowany model śmigłowca o niezwykłym wyglądzie i możliwościach technicznych. W Afganistanie jest on ratunkiem dla odciętych jednostek i źródłem zaopatrzenia niewrażliwym na zasadzki Talibów.

K-Max model kit 1:72 scale

Nasz najnowszy model trafi do sprzedaży w maju 2013. W najbliższych dniach będziemy publikować informację o zawartości pudełka i licznych bonusach dla modelarzy, które znajda się w pudełku!

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13 thoughts on “K-Max wkrótce w sprzedaży

  1. Curt Epstein napisał(a):

    Looking forward to seeing your 1/72 K-Max; the latest addition to your growing line of modern remotely piloted aerial vehicles! In the future these aircraft will play an ever increasing role in defense, so thank you for producing quality kits of them.

    Curt Epstein

    1. Wojtek Bułhak napisał(a):

      Yes, I am sure they will play an increasing role. But there will also be always needed a „Marine with M-16” to finish the job.

  2. Ross napisał(a):

    Looks great! Thanks for doing these drone kits!

  3. Vitor Sousa napisał(a):

    As a Helicopter fan I have my eye one this strange pair of blades
    And because is “strangeness” I’ve been doing some research about him and I guess he as a lot more to tell then meets the eye, especially the unmanned version.
    There are a lot of good videos on the web, like these two

    But check out this 1953 video

    The test shots of the model look good, but to speak with more sure only having one on the bench 🙂

    One more thing to other Helicopter fans:
    From an image on the net comparing the size of helicopters I improved the resolution of each one and added some machines to the poster.
    I share the link here so everyone can download the poster with good resolution for print or just keep it saved.
    There is still some fine tuning on the dimensions and maybe add a few more.
    Notice that all the Helicopter Profiles are from the web, I have no rights over them.
    I only share the work of joining them with better resolution.
    (You have to press the blue button that says “Download Ficheiro”)


    Best Regards
    Vitor Sousa

    1. Wojtek Bułhak napisał(a):

      Thank you for a great post. A lot of information and inspiration. Especially inspiring was first video on K-Max – a great close up with red-earth weathering clearly visible.

  4. manuel napisał(a):

    I’m waiting this model for a civil one particularly for doing a Japanese one like a bird http://www.robotshop.com/blog/fr/files/Lockeed-KMAX.jpg or this http://www.flugzeuginfo.net/acimages/kmax_schmid.jpg

    1. Wojtek Bułhak napisał(a):

      Thank you links to photos posted. I feel a great excitement on civil K-Max for their fantastic colorful look. Unfortunately I do expect one problem. We really did all those reinforcment stripes on fuselage in model kit. They will make trouble when applying such big decals for civil colors!

      1. Ueli Hebeisen napisał(a):

        The decals shouldn’t be for the whole color theme, there will always be some painting (airbrush). The decals are for text, stencils and things like that.
        For the second theme mentioned above I expect to get a diagramm showing how to paint it.

        1. Wojtek Bułhak napisał(a):

          Thank you for comment. It would be done like you proposed.

  5. Eri napisał(a):

    Outstanding Kits. Unique and special always

  6. Abe napisał(a):

    Great work so far. I look forward to adding this one to my collection of drone models!

  7. Steve Barker napisał(a):

    The K-Max is a most welcome model kit for helicopter and drone enthusiasts. With its unique appearance and a scale fuselage length of over eight inches (appx. 21.9cm) this will be a fantastic model. Thank you Attack Squadron for this new kit.

  8. Zdravko napisał(a):

    Great. Great. Great.
    We need some with vision for next gen drones kits especialy in 1:72nd scale. Looking forward to grab yours kit in my hands. Thank you again for this.
    Regards from Croatia.

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